Shattering the Stigma - November 10th 2017


Friday Nights 9pm-11pm

SHATTERING THE STIGMA delivers experience, strength, hope, information and love to those effected by addiction. Addiction is a whole-person, whole-family issue. You are not alone in this fight. The addiction epidemic crushing this country now has a hardcore force to contend with! SHATTERING THE STIGMA with MAMA DUKES!

The Hosts

Mama Dukes

They call me Mama Dukes. I would like to introduce myself and why I do what I do. Watching my son Frankie try to get help for years while battling addiction was not easy. So, I decided to walk away from a great paying career 15 years ago to SAVE MY SON! I went back to school to learn everything I could about addiction and this disease! I also hit the streets and got street smart to learn everything I could! I never ever gave up on my son and vowed to NEVER EVER have another Mother go through the pain of searching for help or answers for their child. It was not an epidemic when my son and I were searching for answers and help, but it certainly is NOW..We will help you fight for your loved one and link them to the help they need. If they want help we will find a way. F... Heroin Foundation truly cares.

Much Love
- Lesha Marie Cuttaia aka Mama Dukes

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