September 25th 2017

Jay Dow

Mondays 10pm-11pm

Redemption Road Recovery Music showcases Recovery-based and inspirational music, featuring artists who give a positive message of hope " With the right music we either remember everything or forget everything".

Robin Higginbotham

Robin Higginbotham aka Higgy has battled addiction for over 35 yrs of his life. Higgy has suffered greatly from his addictions including jails, institutions, homelessness, treatment centers, detox facilities and near death overdoses.

Since finding recovery Higgy was worked in a treatment setting, becoming a Recovery Advocate and Outreach team member helping others navigate their way to a suitable treatment setting. Higgy works a 12 step program of recovery and sponsors other men who desire to find freedom from their addictions.

Higgy wishes to use his life experiences to show that anyone can overcome anything with hard work and determination. To be a lighthouse to show the rocks that he says he crashed upon in life. To be the example of who not to be and what you can accomplish through abstinence from drugs and alcohol use.
Higgy wishes to use Redemption Road Recovery Music as an added dimension to his advocacy work, as well as play some great music that is relatable to the struggles of our Recovery community.

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